Welcome to SatuAasin talli's webpage

We offer outdoor activities with donkeys in a beautiful surroundings of our potato farm in Loppi in Southern Finland. People are welcome to relax and experience new things with our animals. We have also mediterranean miniature donkeys that will melt everybody’s heart with their kind and friendly nature. There are only about 20 of these miniature donkeys in Finland. At our place you can also get to know how potato farming works in Finland.
Here you can find out about  some of our services. All activities can be modified according to your wishes, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Contact information you can find here.

Guided forest walks with the donkeys

We go out in the forest to walk with friendly donkeys. We enjoy the beautiful Finnish forest scenery and stop for a picnic lunch in the middle of the way. You have a guide with you all the way who also tells you how to handle the donkeys. Everybody can take turns in leading the donkeys. In autumn is also possible to pick berries and mushrooms and let the donkeys carry those back home.

For 2 – 20 people. No need for previous knowledge about donkeys. You will need outdoor clothing according to the weather and walking shoes.

Duration: In summer time 1-3 hours (April to October), winter time 1-2 hour (November to March, no picnic).

Get to know the donkeys and potato farming

Visit to our potato farm Aromäki in Loppi and get to know our donkeys. You will see how Finnish potato farming works and what are the steps of producing quality potato for the customers (cultivation, storage, handling, packaging). You will also get to know farms mascots, rare Mediterranean miniature donkeys. In the summertime you can plant potatoes or pick up our own potatoes from the ground. We can modify the day as you like it from the following activities:

History of the farm – Know the differences between potato varieties – Potato tasting – Art making with potatoes – Planting bucket potato – Picking up the potatoes – Walk with the donkeys – Feeding the animals

For 5 – 20 people. You will need outdoor clothing according to the weather. Can be arranged from April to September.

Duration: About 4 hours.